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My Approach

My role as your counsellor is to help you develop the capacity for personal growth and change.  Responding to your needs I use a person-centered therapy and a solution focused approach to counselling, which is non-judgmental, empathetic, empowering and motivating to you as the individual to take back control and grow.

It is okay to take care of yourself and natural to want to live a happy, fulfilled and energised life. It takes tremendous strength to change and to live without anxiety, stress, depression, uncertainty and feeling overwhelmed by life.

In counselling, you talk, and I will patiently listen with compassion. We will explore what is causing your problems and talk about new strategies to overcome them. Your energy will grow, and anxiety and depression will shrink.

My clients tell me I am warm, friendly and helpful. I am confident in helping you find relief from anxiety, depression and “self-sabotaging” behaviours. If I sound like the sort of person you could see yourself talking to, then please do not hesitate to contact me today.


I look forward to hearing from you. 

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